Baseball Sculpture

Attention Pitchers! Curve balls, sliders or change-ups ? You choose which fingering to display at home or the office for years to come. All of the details of your pitching hand will be captured in amazing detail along with the threads on the baseball. Weighing approximatly 30 pounds and mounted on a variety of marble bases to choose from, your hand can be displayed vertically or in any forward angle you choose. Weather you choose bronze or 24 karat gold leaf, it will be an exact duplicate of Your hand and it will be beautiful ! Foundry bronze pieces are available in many different patinas.

And there's something for batter's too. Image having both your arms cast in bronze and holding a full length wooden bat. Your lower arm would be angled then mounted to a white marble base shaped like home plate seated on top of a solid oak or walnut base. Your upper arm would be attached to the bat exactly as you hold it in the game. What a unique and artful way to remember your career forever ! A piece such as this is under way right now. So check back in the future for the photos.

Through the process of Lifecasting, you can preserve the memories of your best game forever. To read more on Lifecasting click the "What is Lifecasting" link.
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